Why Americans Hated Obamacare before and Love the ACA Now


It’s all about fear.

And it’s time to turn FEAR into ACTION to stop Trumpcare for good, the necessary first step on the path to single payer…  Read more to learn why your continuing actions NOW are vital.

Fear is a powerful motivator, and in 2010 when Obamacare was passed, fear of the unknown plus the dire warnings from conservative pundits had people really whipped up. Remember the “death panel” prediction? Of course we didn’t want the government killing our elders!! DOWN WITH OBAMACARE!! And people called their congressman.

Now, the numbers have changed, and most people really like the coverage and protections they have under the ACA. They FEAR the Republicans’ plan that undermines Medicaid, coverage for pre-existing conditions and promises higher out-of-pocket costs. This time, the predicted change is coming from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) not conservative talk radio, so we all should be really afraid.

The ACA got us halfway to where we want to be…

For many of us, the ACA got us half way to where we’d like our country’s healthcare system to be. Back in 2009-10, ‘single payer” was a dirty word, shouted by a few and never used by those framing the ACA for fear that they would upset even moderate Dems.

Now, nobody is shushing! And all of us need to work our butts off to save the ACA, our halfway point to single payer.

Incremental change is not as fearful as revolutionary change. People who feared Obamacare and called their congressman are now FEARFUL of the AHCA because of what they will lose.

AND their more ready for something even better to get their premiums down and eliminate high co-pays, all of which are not part of the AHCA as the CBO has shown.

Remember back in 2009 when we were excited about a “public option” being part of the exchanges? Remember why it was eliminated? (short answer: because Repubs and moderate Dems were hearing from their insurance company donors who were FEARFUL that it would put them out of business.)

Could a public option be the answer?

Well, now those insurance company buddies are pulling out of unprofitable exchanges, leaving some states with no competition and high premiums. Could a public option be the answer there? Would it give single payer a toe hold that could be expanded? DOES THIS MAKE FIGHTING FOR THE ACA AND AGAINST THE AHCA a good battle for all Democrats and progressives??

So we have a job to do. All of us. First, let’s work together to turn fear into action in our district.
WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Look at the figures in the last post at Facebook/indivisibleshasta and write your own personal concerns using something you learned from those statistics.

ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO TAKE ACTION; I recently heard a commentator equate this fight against the AHCA as the ”crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge” of our time. Some of us are old enough to wish we had had the guts and where with-all to have joined that civil rights landmark action. Now, we all have another Pettus Bridge opportunity, and the risk to life and limb is a future result, not an immediate likely outcome.

GET INVOLVED IN POLITICS. We have a congressional seat to take back as part of a real effort to fix the ACA and move us closer to a national single-payer system.

KEEP FLOODING LAMALFA’S OFFICE WITH CALLS AND EMAILS, and let others know how he responds. “LAMALFA DOESN’T LISTEN” needs to be clearly demonstrated as we work to unseat him.

Let’s commemorate July 4th with action.