Doug LaMalfa

Doug LaMalfa is our congressman in the House of Representatives.

We live in California District 1 which includes parts of 11 counties in far northern California.

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E-mail form:

Phone numbers:

  • DC office: 202-225-3076
  • Auburn office: 530-878-5035
  • Redding office: 530-223-5898
  • Oroville office: 530-534-7100

Fax numbers:

  • Send a free fax from your computer:
  • DC office: 202-226-0852
  • Auburn office: 530-878-5037
  • Redding office: 530-223-5897
  • Oroville office: 530-534-7800

Office addresses:

Links to research resources:

On Earth Day, LaMalfa was named one of the Dirty Seven

The original co-sponsor of Earth Day wants to repeat its political impact by naming seven legislators whose voting records on the environment qualifies them to be replacements for the original Dirty Dozen. Seven of those original Dirty Dozen lost their next election. Let’s hope…

LaMalfa’s voting record at Politics That Work:

On their About Page, “Politics That Works” states, “The goal of this site is to facilitate a more rational, data-driven, pragmatic approach to making political decisions.” Click the link to see Doug LaMalfa’s page. Scroll below the summary to see information on LaMalfa’s voting record rating on specific issues for 2015.  Click the arrow beside each issue to see his specific voting record. This site has not been update with results for 2016.

LaMalfa at GovTrack: 

GovTrak states that it is completely independent entity receiving no funding by outside organizations. They track the US Congress to help Americans understand what is going on in their national legislature.  Read the Sponsorship Analysis to learn more about what LaMalfa has accomplished. Review LaMalfa’s 2016 Report Card that is based on his voting record.

La Malfa at Vote Smart:

Vote Smart’s mission is to provide free, factual, unbiased information on candidates
and elected officials to ALL Americans. Read LaMalfa’s bio and learn about his votes, positions, ratings, speeches and funding.

LaMalfa’s donors and candidate funds:

Go to the “Candidate and Committee Viewer.”  Click on Committee or Candidate, Type in LaMalfa and leave “All” in the State or Territory box. Leave the default tab at “Two-year Summary.”  Choose either option, LaMalfa or his committee, which will take you to his financial summary. Click the summary of individual and committee contributions to see who is financing LaMalfa’s campaign.

Voter and registration data:

This District has been gerrymandered into a “safe GOP district” which means there are only two ways to flip it:
1. Redistricitng (after 2020)
2. Registering about 40,000 new (or reregistered) Dems and making sure they all vote.

This site is loaded with useful information we need as we prepare to take on LaMalfa in 2018. Scroll down to “Elections and Voter Information.”  Go to “Election Results.” Check out the 2016, 2014 and 2012  results for our county and the other 10 counties in our district, to get a feel for what we’re facing, and why experts say that we need to register 40,000 new Democrats!

League of Conservation Voters score:

LaMalfa’s Environmental Scorecard from the League of Conservation Voters was 3% for 
2016 and 1% as a lifetime average!

USDA subsidy information for Dsl Lamalfa Family Partnership:

Lamalfa’s Family Partnership received subsidies totaling $5,304,514 from 1995-2014.  Read the 2013  LA Times article, “Rep. LaMalfa pockets his farm subsidies, votes to cut food stamps.” When you check LaMalfa’s scorecard on social issues using the tools about, you’ll see that his attitude hasn’t changed, and we can be certain that his farm subsidies haven’t gone away. While you’re checking, use the EWG database to check farmers from District 1 who also get big subsidies against LaMalfa’s campaign contributors…

Many thanks to the women in the Nevada County, California, Indivisible Women LaMalfa Action Team for their excellent research, which we used as the basis for this page. Resisting together!!