Take Action

Indivisible Shasta is committed to sharing specific Action Updates each week.  We hope to make these actions as effective as possible.  Below are links to resources you will find helpful.

Doug LaMalfa

Congressman Doug LaMalfa will be up for re-election in 2018. The statistics website, FiveThirtyEight gives him a Trump Score of 100%. Resisting Trump means resisting LaMalfa. Use the resources on the Doug Lamalfa page to learn details about LaMalfa’s record in the House, and election results information we’ll need to resist Trump by replacing LaMalfa.


The GOP plan to repeal and replace the ACA will be devastating to our communities. Click here to view and download the resources you need to learn more about the healthcare issues facing us and get useful materials to support your actions in support of the ACA.

Supreme Court Nomination

Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the position that opened on the Supreme Court when Antonin Scalia died over a year ago. This position has been vacant because Republicans refused to consider President Barack Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland.  Click here for information on this issue.

The Trump Budget

Donald Trump has proposed a budget that makes sweeping cuts to social programs and services important to all of us, with massive increases to the military budget focused on weaponry and decreases to intelligence, cyber defense and the State Department.  Click here for information on this issue.