There are many resources that can help become effective citizen activists.

Here are a few.  We welcome suggestions of other resources to share.

The Indivisible Guide: The document that started the Indivisible movement, and inspires us every day.  Read the Guide.  Return to it for frequent updates.  Free downloads available in English, in Spanish, and as an audiobook.



Indivisible Shasta Pinterest: Use the Indivisible Shasta Pinterest account to research issues for phone calls and emails to your Members of Congress, or to write letters to the editor. General search sites and demographic information can be found on the board “Search Tools”, other boards are issue specific. We use reputable news sites for our information sources.


Stance is an app for either an iPhone of Android that lets you record your message to your Member of Congress, and then delivers it to their voicemail.

Read info about this app at Tech Crunch.



Resistance School: Online video trainings and reading lists  to help transform our country to better reflect our shared values. Resistance School is an independently organized project developed by students at Harvard University.

From Ellie on the IndivisibleShasta research team:  Click here for a pdf you can view, print and download.




How Our Laws are Made Follow the path a bill must take to become a law. Notice the red icons which are places where your actions could make a difference to help stop a bad bill. Notice that that first place is while the bill is in  committee.

It’s important to remember that calling a committee member who is not your MoC will not be effective. As the Indivisible Guide reminds us, only the MoC who depends on your vote cares what you think! This makes your call when a vote is in committee all the more important. You are calling on behalf of resisters all over the country. They depend on you, and you depend on them to stop bad bills in committee.