A Resistor’s View of the LaMalfa Town Hall

Your Indivisible Shasta Steering Committee was out in force at the LaMalfa Town Hall, and we saw many of you there as well. We have lots to report, both to fill you in on what Congressman LaMalfa said, and what Indivisible Shasta accomplished this week.



What we heard from Congressman LaMalfa that you should know.

When asked if he would vote to go to war with North Korea, he was measured, saying that he would have to carefully study the issue to determine the impact on US citizens, the military and our allies.

I can’t blame him for that. It’s a terrifically complicated issue that certainly deserves careful study.  Hopefully we won’t see any more unilateral actions from Trump.

We’ll be watching for this to come before Congress to give you a chance to study the issues and weigh in too.

The Congressman drew the most ire from his audience when he responded to a question about climate change by stating that he essentially didn’t believe that it was human caused. Wow! Uproar! Perhaps this is one of those issues that needs a little more of his “careful study.”

And then there’s Trump…

Trump first 100 days are up next week and he needs SOMETHING to boast about that he doesn’t have to make up. He’s leaning hard on the Congress to re-open Health Care Repeal and Replace.

I hope Congressman LaMalfa remembers how many irate phone calls he received from us. I hope he has burned into his memory the impassioned stories he heard during his town halls this recess, from people whose lives will be ruined by the horrific health care compromise about to be jammed through Congress.

In case he’s forgotten, be ready for health care related ACTION CALLS this week.

AND, Trump is insisting that Congress throw out the bipartisan work they’ve done over the past few weeks to pass the last year’s Omnibus budget bill, and to add money for his Wall and for his draconian immigration enforcement efforts.

Democrats and moderate Republicans will not accept these additions, which may lead to a government shutdown on April 28th. LaMalfa will need to hear from us. The Wall, and immigration enforcement funding should be part of next year’s budget. We’ll be fighting it both now and then.

What Indivisible Shasta has accomplished this week:

On Wednesday, we passed out a handout to nearly every person in line for the Town Hall meeting, that included information about Indivisible, and questions we hoped would be answered by LaMalfa. Click  to see the “Town Hall Questions from Indivisible Shasta.”

More than that, we engaged with many of these people talking about their worries and concerns and the Indivisible mission to stop the Trump agenda. Many who had never heard about Indivisible took the handout.

We talked to the press. News stories included information about Indivisible, from conservative ag related Jefferson Journal, to KRCR channel 7 news, and a local public radio station.  An article that will appear next week in our own local newspaper talks about the town hall with quotes from local resistors.

We continue to plan for future events and activities. Look for an Indivisible Shasta meeting in May, and issues-focused visits to LaMalfa’s Redding office beginning soon.

Look for ACTION EMAILS. or check out ACTION CALLS on our Facebook page, and start up your calls. Our MoCs are back in Washington.