Plans for the April 19 LaMalfa Town Hall in Redding

LaMalfa Town Hall in Redding, April 19th at 5:30pm

Photo by Sharon LoMonaco from March town hall in Grass Valley.

Your requests for a town hall worked. People from all over District 1 have been calling Congressman LaMalfa’s offices, and town hall meetings have been scheduled. The one closest to Siskiyou County is in Redding.

The Redding town hall Is scheduled for April 19th at 5:30pm at Sequoia Middle School auditorium.  Click here for a Google map to Sequoia Middle School.

Town Hall Questions from Indivisible

Click to download pdf

Line up early:  The general consensus was that people would start arriving around 2:30 on the day of the town hall, April19th.  The line for entry will form in front. Stay on the sidewalk, not on lawns or in the street, and make sure you do not block anyone walking on the sidewalk.

Parking: Wednesday is an early release day for Sequoia Middle School, with students getting out at 2pm. Traffic will be congested while kids are getting out of school. There is very limited parking at the school.  A woman there said some of the parking spaces on campus will be occupied by people attending a bible study class. There is parking in the surrounding residential neighborhood but there will be congestion. Don’t park in front of someone’s driveway, or leave valuables visible in your car. Someone suggested that if you have a car with a lot of political stickers you might be better off parking in a more public space.

If you are OK with walking a few blocks, there is a large parking lot just south of the OSH store on Athens Drive. Once parked, walk north through the OSH parking lot and turn left on South Street. Walk a couple blocks west on South Street to Sequoia Street. Turn right, and the Auditorium will be about 3 blocks ahead.

No large signs or signs on sticks will be allowed inside the auditorium.  The Auditorium holds just under 600 people. No standing room will be available. Ed and Joanne Steele will be available near the head of the line to stash your large signs and/or umbrellas as you enter the auditorium.  Marcie Rey will be handing out Agree/Disagree signs to the people first in line.

Once inside you should move to the front.  If the format is similar to the town hall in Grass Valley, two lines for speakers will be formed at the front of the auditorium. One side will be for questions, one side for comments. LaMalfa will alternate speaking time between each side. Two speakers will be allowed to approach the microphone on each side. Each speaker will be allowed a one minute question or comment. The Congressional staff will hold the microphone for you.

If you can speak a question or comment, you should make your question or comment as personal as you can. Take a national issue and tell how it affects you or someone close to you. Practice your question/comment so that you are comfortable and to make sure it’s within the one-minute allotment. Try to frame your question for a yes or no answer. Have a backup question. If someone asks an important question that didn’t get answered, ask it again.

The Indivisible Shasta Steering Committee has developed some talking points to help those of you who attend. These are questions that Indivisible resistors all over the country are asking their congressmen too. They will be posted on this page at by Tuesday, April 18th, and will be passed out to those in line on Wednesday.

In the audience, if you agree with the question/comment, raise your green agree sign. If you disagree, raise the red disagree or no sign. Do not tape the signs together because the opposite side will be visible from the back.

When you are outside the auditorium: Those people who did not make it to the inside can demonstrate with large signs on the sidewalk in front of the auditorium. Stay on the sidewalk, off the lawn and out of the street, and be sure not to block people from walking on the sidewalk.

Saffiyah Khan confronted by a far-right protester in Birmingham is a symbol of confident, smiling, hands-in-pockets resistance to anger. Photo from The Guardian.

Be polite and be civil and have FUN! If you are uncomfortably confronted by the opposition, do not engage them. Keep your hands in your pockets or at your side. Inadvertently touching someone you’re arguing with can be construed as assault.

The National Indivisible group suggests that we download the ACLU’s Mobile Justice California app. It allows us to take videos of questionable or potentially violent situations that are live streamed directly to the ACLU. After taking the video, we fill out a quick form to send to the ACLU. It also has the ability to notify us of another active Mobile Justice user in our vicinity so we can join them in recording an incident. This is a precautionary measure, we don’t expect any confrontations.

To download the free app on your cell phone, open the “App Store” icon on your smart phone menu, click the search function, and type ACLU.  Select “aclu mobile justice app,:” and scroll to find “Mobile Justice California.”  Click “get” to install.  Then allow the app to access your location.

And more support: If you plan to go, and we hope you all will, read “How to Have a Successful Town Hall” from the national The section, “At the Town Hall” will give you the tools to make the best use of this opportunity. Town halls are happening all over the country, and they are changing congressmen’s minds!

See you all on Wednesday, April 19th at the Town Hall!