Let’s Not Fall Into an Impeachment Trap

This past week, the national social media site set up for Indivisible group leaders has been buzzing with discussion about whether Democrats should slow down their impeachment talk.

Looking at all the facts, I tend to agree.  Here’s why:

In an article In These Times,  The Impeachment Trap:  Be Careful What you Wish For, Jeff Alson  reminds us “If Trump were impeached and convicted, Vice President Mike Pence, a right-wing, evangelical ideologue, would be a much more reliable and competent rubber stamp for the conservative policy agenda.” In the New York Times article, “Do We Really Want Mike Pence to Be President,” his political creds confirm that he was chosen as Trump’s VEEP because he would never upstage his gold-plated Pres.

I’m mad as hell and so are you, I expect. We’ve seen the Obama policies and thoughtful diplomacy shredded. The military has been turned loose to do whatever it deems necessary. Key federal departments are being run by incompetents, with many vital positions left unfilled. Trump seems to be able to say and do whatever he wants with no consequences. I want him gone!

And then I look hard and long at what we would get for Democratic efforts to spearhead impeachment. Alson has outlined a depressing scenario where everything we hate about the Republican agenda continues on steroids, and the public, sick and weary of the drama of Trump’s tumultuous presidency rewards the Republicans in 2018. Angry Trump supporters blame Dems for bringing their hero down and augment Republican efforts and Pence runs as an incumbent savior in 2020.

What is our alternative?

We are organized. We are part of a massive groundswell of support for economic opportunity for all. Our goals for people and for the Earth would not be better served by a Pence administration buttressed by a re-energized Republican Party.

A Republican lead impeachment proceeding means they own the whole mess. And at some point, the overwhelming evidence with make it impossible to do otherwise.

They would bear the brunt of Trump supporter rage. They would limp through the next few years with a progressive juggernaut minding their every move. Yes, Pence would probably become President, but the most he could expect to accomplish would be to keep the nuclear codes safe.

Yes, Trump deserves to be impeached…lead  by the party who allowed him to become their standard bearer.

We resistors have much to do. We must resist the Trump/Pence/Ryan/LaMalfa agenda at every turn. The hard work of resistance is lonely and time consuming. It involves making phone calls where you actually dial the number over and over until you reach a live staff person. It means writing personal emails and mailing handwritten post cards. It means submitting thoughtful letters to the editor for your local newspaper. It means quietly educating friends who need help to become effective activists. It means having thoughtful discussions with people of differing political views. And, it means having fun once in a while with other resistors – join us on June 5th for just such an occasion.

We must mobilize for the future. Becoming involved with with things like voter registration drives, and assisting the local Democratic Party to build an effective grassroots, precinct-level structure to educate and mobilize voters to prepare for 2018 and 2020.

It will take years to recover from the Trump disaster, but we Californians know it can be done. Look how our own state as been turned around in a few short years. We’re not perfect, but we’re certainly better. We are an example of how progressive leaders and commitment to working for the people can lead to a remarkable turnaround.

Hang fast and keep calling and writing and talking.