Indivisible Shasta has endorsed Marty Walters for Congress

Thanks for your input and help

Yesterday the IS Endorsement Committee met to share our thoughts and personal research and discuss your input. (Here is a link to the results of the electibility survey many of you filled out.)

Our mission was to endorse the most electable candidate who is running in the upcoming June Open Primary to earn a chance to run against Doug LaMalfa in the November 2018 General Election.

California’s open primary system is really confusing. Here’s a brief explanation.

In 2010, Californians passed a proposition to throw out our party primaries, and toss everyone into the same open primary. Everyone from all parties are listed on the same ballot, and all voters of any party get that ballot listing all candidates. The top 2 vote getters move onto the general election even if the top one gets more than 51% of the total!

“Who voted for THAT?!” you might be asking. Well, 54% of voters in that midterm election which drew about 34% of eligible voters.

Why did Indivisible Shasta decide to endorse a candidate for this jungle primary?

At this point, four Democrats, one Green and one Republican have declared their candidacy PLUS LaMalfa, who’s considered a shoe-in in this red district.

We wanted to help our members to sort this out by evaluating the non-Republican candidates based on their electability. The important thing is to pick the candidate in the upcoming primary with the best chance to beat LaMalfa! We also could imagine the 5 progressive candidates splitting the vote so that the 2 Republicans would end up in the general election. Yikes!!

Marty Walters

Marty at the Mt. Shasta Women’s March this year.

We asked you to tell us how important each of the electability qualities were to you, and using those responses and our research of the candidates’ strengths, we chose Marty Walters.

This was not an easy decision. We have an amazingly strong field of candidates to choose from. They share many of the same positions on issues important to our district. Marty stood out for us because of her energy, her experience, her practical solutions, her willingness to talk to anyone and everyone in the district, and her commitment to run this campaign from the grassroots, without a bundle of outside and corporate money.

We’ll be helping Marty build her Siskiyou County grassroots campaign, and will collaborate with the grassroots efforts of all the other areas. We hope you’ll go to Marty’s website and sign up to help: Everyone has something to contribute, be it a little or a lot.

Together we can become the Republicans worst nightmare and turn their safe red district blue.