History of the First 100 Days of Trumpcare

AHCA Introduced

A hastily cobbled together bill titled the American Health Care Act of 2017 was placed on the Congressional calendar on March 20th.

Overwhelming opposition from Americans of both parties and all walks of live upended what had been thought to be an easy repeal and replace. The AHCA was pulled before a floor vote could happen on March 24th. Speaker Ryan didn’t have the votes of his own party to pass it.

AHCA Vote Postponed….

On March 24, 2017 Speaker Paul Ryan pulled his bill to repeal and replace Obamacare before a single vote was cast.

The bill was opposed by all Democrats, most ultra-conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus and many members of the more moderate Tuesday Group.

According to the New York Times, Doug LaMalfa was undecided about how he would vote.

An Indivisible Shasta member who spoke at length with LaMalfa’s staff person overseeing the Healthcare bill was told that he was in the office, hearing the huge number of calls opposing the bill.

We also heard from his district representative, Erin Ryan, that he was balancing those calls with the strong opposition to Obamacare he had been hearing from constituents for years.

So we have no idea how he would have voted, if the bill had been allowed to come to the floor on March 24th. Immediately after the Ryan announcement, LaMalfa issued a statement stating his support for the bill. He was off the hook, and could save his conservative creds

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Trumpcare 2.0, AHCA gets a second life

It’s now April 23rd. Trump’s first 100 days are up on April 29th, and he is demanding action. A compromise has supposedly been reached between the Freedom Caucusers and the Tuesday Group which doesn’t not bode well for Obamacare.

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