Electability Survey

Indivisible Shasta will be endorsing, then actively supporting, one of the five candidates running against District 1 Representative LaMalfa in the June 2018 Primary.

In our group process to select the most electable candidate…the one most likely to successfully oust LaMalfa in the November 2018 General Election…we sought the help of all involved Indivisible Shasta followers. A short survey was sent on January 22 asking what criteria for electability is most important. Our endorsement committee will then use these measures to select our endorsed candidate.

You are welcome to view and complete the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6BPC367

We thank all the folks who take the time to fill out this survey!  Please watch for our endorsement after we complete the evaluation process.

Survey Results based on 40 replies received by January 27

Questions 1 through 9 called for a rating of importance on a sliding scale, with 100% being the highest importance, 1% being the lowest. The figures below show the average of the 40 results:

1. The candidate must have lived and worked in my district for 5 years or more. 49%
2. The candidate must have a history of volunteering or holding office in my district. 45%
3. The candidate must know and understand my district’s issues and problems. 75%
4. Regarding the candidate’s stand on the issues, it is important to me that (choose one or the other):
The candidate should agree with me on all my main issues and concerns. 10.26%
The candidate’s stand on issues must appeal to a broad coalition of voters. 89.74%
5. The candidate must have a strong spiritual or religious base. 14%
6. It is important to me to know where the candidate gets his or her campaign funding. 68%
7. The candidate must be a compelling public speaker. 64%
8. The candidate must inspire grassroots volunteer support. 68%

Question 9. asked if there was a criteria for electability that was not listed on this survey.  Answers to this question included:

Honesty and credibility
Someone who has a strong and ethical character
Groups that support this candidate
Is the candidate able to draw independent voters
Not Pro-Life, pro Protection Abortion, Environment , National Parks Protection, Protection SS and Medicare
A woman’s right to choose.
Being able to cross the aisle and work with the Red
The ability to reach beyond the traditional Democratic base while maintaining progressive values
Broad base of experience, real solutions, appeal to moderate republicans as well as democrats
Proven ability to bring opposing sides together and reach agreement.
Passionate about issues
Able to work in a bipartisan manner, not beholden to the “democratic base”
avoid saying “we won’t let the Bay Area tell us what to do” A lot of people here from there still aligned/connected with SF etc. Be willing to LISTEN to what locals think and why.
Voters in the middle will determine the outcome, candidates must understand and connect with moderate voters
Integrity – their actions should reflect their stated values.
Knows the people
They are comfortable with diversity ..social, economic, race, religion, gender, etc.
Clear speaking and not given to too much rhetoric
Support of Rural Platform
Willingness to meet with and listen to constituents face to face
Clean air, food, and water. Conservation. M. class $
Strong opposition to Trump; financial knowledge; not corrupt; support for the environment and public lands
Appreciation and understanding of the importance of maintaining the nature around us!

Question 10 asked which candidate, if any, they currently support.  The results of the 40 surveys were:

  1. Audrey Denney (Democrat) 1
    Lewis Elbinger (Green Party) 1
    Jessica Holcomb (Democrat) 1
    Larry Jordan (Democrat) 1
    Marty Walters (Democrat) 11
    Haven’t decided 25