Doing your part to stop Trumpcare 2.0 is more important than ever.

This is your weekly update from the Indivisible Shasta Steering Committee….

No vote on Repeal and Replace happened Friday. Speaker Ryan still doesn’t have the votes he anti AHCA protestersneeds to pass it. But he’s twisting arms, and a vote could happen next week. The LA Times reports that LaMalfa is still undecided. Don’t count on that!

Let me stress how vital it is for you to CONTINUE to call Congressman LaMalfa’s office (202) 225-3076 and tell his staff emphatically that you want him to vote NO on the latest Trumpcare bill.

Here’s why your call is so important.

LaMalfa knows that we, his constituents, are protected from the worst provisions of this bill because we live in California. The latest iteration leaves many of the most popular parts of the ACA in place BUT it allows THE STATES to cherry pick and eliminate Essential Services they deem “unnecessary.” Things like maternity coverage, contraceptives, even office visits are threatened.

LaMalfa knows it’s safe for him to keep his 100% record of support for Trump and vote “YES,” because California will work hard to retain these important services as part their insurance coverage requirements.

But Republican controlled states will eagerly strip out even the most necessary services and declare victory because coverage costs will go down. Red State citizens will be able to get cheap insurance that doesn’t cover things that they really need, and the Republicans will declare victory, because it’s cheap!

There are parts of this new bill that will affect you, that being a California resident can’t protect you from. Medicaid expansion, that is vital to rural hospitals is threatened. Coverage for pre-existing conditions gets complicated, with possible pools and formulas that will make coverage unaffordable for the people who need constant medical care to stay alive!

Know anyone with Type 2 diabetes? Cancer? Chronic disease of any kind that lives in a Red State. Call LaMalfa on their behalf as well as yours.

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If you’re interested in the 100 day history of this debate, go to our Healthcare page,

Here’s what we’re up against.

LaMalfa has been tracking calls for and against the ACA since he took office 6 years ago. Remember how unpopular Obamacare used to be? Angry Republicans believed all the lies Fox News fed them about the ACA and they called.

Now that people, even Republicans, are seeing what they’ll lose with Repeal and Replace, the ACA is becoming very popular.

But we have years of angry, misinformed repeal Obamacare calls we have to match.

Call Monday. Keep trying. Tell your story. Tell him NO on Repeal and Replace, Trumpcare 2.0.

As for what else Indivisible Shasta has been up to this week:

We’ve been monitoring government shutdown threats – Congress has kicked the can down the road a week, and if there’s even a slight whiff of “Build a Wall” in the reconciliation, we’ll send out an alert.  Learn more about this week’s government shut down shenanigans.

We’ve been closely tracking immigration issues, the investigations into the Russian hacking of our election and collusion with the Trump campaign, and much more that is before Congress.

Watch for next week’s ACTION CALLS. Remember, Indivisible Shasta is focused on national issues that are coming before our own Members of Congress. We’ll keep you up to date and able to respond.

Put Monday, June 5th on your calendars now. We’ll be holding an update meeting in Mt. Shasta that you won’t want to miss. We’re planning a surprise visit from someone you’ve been dying to meet and talk to. Bring your cameras!