AHCA Resurrection – Trumpcare 2.0

Repeal and Replace Round Two

May 3rd Healthcare bill update – Repubs still trying to take the  HELL out of their Healthcare bill.

As of early morning, May 3rd, the Republicans are still short of the votes they need to pass their healthcare bill. The McArthur Amendment brought members of the Freedom Caucus on board, but still doesn’t satisfy moderate Republicans who are concerned about their constituents with pre-existing conditions.

There are changes being made as this is posted that could increase money by $8 billion dollars, allocated to help people with pre-existing conditions. There are still problems that haven’t been addressed that are keeping moderates solidly in the “NO” column.

The Huffington Post gives a very good overview of the status of the Healthcare bill, with quotes from Congressmen still concerned about the effects it will have on their constituents.  House Republicans Weigh Another Health Care Amendment

May 3rd evening update: Ryan has scheduled a vote at noon on Thursday May 4th

Moderate Congressmen Upton and Long have declared their support. Though the vote expected to be razor thin, Republicans expect to pass the AHCA and send it on to the Senate where a complete overhaul is expected.

Upton, Long reverse themselves and back Obamacare repeal bill


To hear from LaMalfa, we need to go to the LA Times: As latest Obamacare repeal effort fades, Republicans wonder what happened

LaMalfa is still concerned and listed as “undecided.” HELP HIM DECIDE with your story about how this bill will affect you and your family. If you need a little help with what to say, here’s a call script proposed by Families USA

May 1st update:  There are reasons why the Republicans are rushing to pass Repeal & Replace.

Things are heating up in the House for Republicans who still have not declared their position on Trumpcare 2.0. The rush has to do with the arcane parliamentary rules called budget reconciliation. Republicans plan to use budget reconciliation to push the bill through the Senate with a simple majority rather than having to meet the 60 vote threshold needed to overcome a Democratic filibuster.

More about Budget Reconciliation

GOP faces make-or-break moment on Obamacare repeal  This May 1st Politico article reports the latest efforts by Republicans to reach the majority they need to pass Trumpcare 2.0

Enough is Enough: Stop TrumpCare Once and For All
Read more about the MacArthur-Meadows Amendment that only makes Trumpcare worse. This amendment is the compromise reached between the Freedom Caucus and The Tuesday Group.

Here are some of the details about the Trumpcare 2.0 compromise:

This new plan is a “compromise” between the really extreme and totally extreme wings of the GOP.  The Freedom Caucus and the Tuesday Group have been hard at work!

Trumpcare 2.0 would still allow insurance companies to leave people with pre-existing conditions out in the cold. A number of options for people with pre-exising conditions are under consideration, all inadequate because they are underfunded or don’t guarantee affordable coverage.

If you want to learn just how bad it could get for people with pre-existing conditions, scroll to the chart at the bottom of this Washington Post article. “The GOP has a new plan to destroy Obamacare. It’s even crueler than the last one.”

Here’s another interesting article on Health Affairs Blog on one proposed amendment: “House GOP Moves to Add ‘Invisible Risk Sharing Program’ To AHCA.”

States will be given the option of deciding which essential health benefits like doctor’s visits and maternity care, will be covered, and which will not. So if you live in a state with a Republican governor or legislature, you could be out of luck.

It retains the worst provisions of the AHCA
– Jacking up premiums for seniors and cutting $880 billion from Medicaid — two of the main reasons the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected that 24 million Americans would lose their health coverage
– Giving billions in tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.

April 26th – Trump’s latest threat

According to a Washington Post article Trump is threatening to cut off cost-sharing reductions (CSRs), which subsidize lower out-of-pocket costs for millions of Americans to force Democrats to agree to fund his Wall. “The White House just ratcheted up its threat to destroy Obamacare, a Democratic aide says.”

Here are a few articles that explain the details and also provide some important data about how people feel about this new compromise.

Washington Post: Public and Republicans’ latest approach to replacing Affordable Care Act

This article in the Washington Post details how Republicans plan to keep certain things in the upcoming health bill, but allow states to individually strip them out. They could choose what and who is covered making coverage something that would change state by state.

Learn how dependent our district, CD1 is on the ACA: ACA Healthcare Guide by District from Indivisible

How do Members of Congress pay for their healthcare? For the answer check out this article in Snopes: Do Members of Congress Enjoy Free Healthcare?