A Brash New Activism

It’s been another week for the record books,

Two weeks we saw the firing of FBI Director James Comey who was heading the most comprehensive investigation into the Russian/Trump collusion and hacking of our election.

Just when we thought nothing worse could happen, we learned about Trump’s “visit” with the Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister, in the Oval Office, “because Putin asked me to” explained Trump. A visit that included divulging highly classified information that hadn’t even been shared with our allies.

Still following me here…

Then, it comes to light that Trump had asked Comey, during his White House visit in January to drop the investigation of General Flynn!!

AND we learn of even more communication between the Trump campaign and Russia. All while 13 white guys continue to try to make the House Healthcare Horror more palatable. AND Pence continues to extort, “I didn’t know, I didn’t  know, I didn’t know. AND Ryan counsels, Shhhhh….

How can we have any impact?indivisible rally

We look at the erosion of so much that we rely on in our democratic system and think, “How can we deal with this threat to everything we trust about our American way of life and system of government?

Well, the threat is not all that “new.” What’s new is the “Brash new activism.” You and the peaceful resistance you are a part of is new.

In 1944, The New York Times asked the sitting Vice President, Henry Wallace, “to write an article about whether there are fascists in America, and what they’re up to.”

On May 12th, Wallace’s grandson, Henry Holly Wallace wrote an Op-Ed in The Times that quotes the Vice President’s article and notes how it applies to the Trump administration. “American Fascism, in 1944 and Today”

Read to the end and take heart.

Sitting alone in your home, making phone calls and writing emails to your Members of Congress, and attending a peaceful rally or participating in a congressional office visit when you can, seems too tame to resist Trump’s threat to our citizens, our nation and, considering climate change, the world.

But you are not alone. You are part of a huge national movement.

The weekly actions we post are the same actions being disseminated to people all over this country. Meetings and rallies are happening in towns large and small. Every Member of Congress is being deluged with resistance calls and praised when they stand up to the Trump agenda.

You are part of the Brash New Activism.

Trump has activated a new commitment to inclusive activism. We are resistors now, and when we succeed we will continue our activism in pursuit of “a more perfect union.”

Do you need help?

If you’re one of many new resistors who are a little unsure about how to make a call to a Member of Congress, let us know and we’ll pair you with an experienced personal calling partner to learn the ropes. You’ll learn what to expect when you call, how to prepare, and what to say. It’s one on one, private and personal. Email us at indivisibleshasta@gmail.com.

AND… Put June 5th on your calendar. Join us for an “Evening of Action. Resistance Can be Fun!” Mt. Shasta City Park Upper Lodge, 6:30pm. More to come…